Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Empties

I really enjoy watching and reading empties videos and blog posts. So I decided to save up my stuff too. 
So here are my February Empties! 

Bath & Body Works. I can go ahead and say this place is a staple in my life now. I keep saying I'm going to quit them but I can't. Winter Candy Apple is a favorite. Both of the hand soaps are just meh to me. 
I also don't have a preference to the foam or the gel hand soaps. I buy them both. 

Urban Deacay All Nighter - got this little one in a Sephora 500 point set. love it, use it daily anyway
Cover Girl Outlast foundation - it's amazing how great this foundation is. I scraped out a bunch of it and there is still a good bit left, but for how cheap it is I'm not going to bother. Bought a replacement this weekend. 
Prescriptives Site Unseen concealer - let's be real, this thing is old...just throwing it out now
Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer - I don't love this stuff, just like it..but with that being said this is my third tube I've finished. 

Paul Mitchell volumizing spray - really like this stuff
L'Occitane hand cream - works good but not crazy about the scent 
Escada Cherries in the Air perfume - liked it in the store, then I became indifferent about it. 
The eye drops are also a staple and I finished one of about 35 Jo Malone samples I have. This one was Blackberry & Bay. Liked it, but I haven't found the right one to layer it with. 

And that is all for the month of February!! 

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