Monday, August 4, 2014


So it's been a while since I blogged. My life got turned upside down. Again. My house flooded for the second time. We were in the house for only a year after it flooded for Hurricane Isaac, the first time. 

This time there was a freak rain storm that didn't move for hours. A lot of houses in my area flooded. 

I had a big bag that was full of empties from the month of May that I threw away cause I couldn't be bothered with it at the time. Since the beginning of July I have started to just take a picture of whatever I've finished abd then chunk it. For right now that's the easiest way. Hopefully within the next month my life will get back to normal as we are moving to a new(old) house. It's just being remodeled right now. Flooding twice is no fun. 

Anyway. Onto the empties. 

 Body wash. These are two that I liked but didn't love. They were a cream formula and smelled divine. But I prefer a gel body wash. 

I really enjoyed this shampoo. I picked it up from TJ Maxx for fairly cheap. I'll def buy this again in the future. 

I didn't care for this moisturizer so I just threw it away. I thought it would be something light and nice to use under makeup in the morning. It was ok at first and then halfway thru the tube it started to burn. 

This is something else I liked at first. I think it just went bad after a while. It firmed a film on top and around the sides. And the pump on it was crap. 

I'm very sad to see this perfume go. It was a great everyday scent. 

This stuff was great. I consider the high end 'It's a 10'. This was just a sample but I think I will get this when I'm done using what I have now. 

Face wash. Nothing special. I liked to use this with my Clarisonic. It was good. I would probably buy it again. 

I enjoyed the Joico conditioner as much as the shampoo. And this Suave shampoo..I only bought it because it smells awesome. 

I wasn't really impressed with this L'Oreal serum. Definitely not impressed with the packaging. I couldn't get all of the product out and the top of the bottle would not come off. Won't purchase this again. 

This body wash is pretty old. It smelled great tho. 

At one point in time this was my HG face moisturizer. I still love it but I don't think it's doing anything for me anymore. 

These Neutrogena makeup remover wipes are my favorite of all that I've tried. I don't know why I keep trying different ones when I always come back to these. And this was a sample of Murad's Time Release Acne Cleanser. I liked it. Might get it in the future. 

Anyway. That's all for now. I'm trying to work thru some samples and half used up things. Hopefully I can make a dent in them and that will be less I'll have to move in *hopefully* a month. 

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