Saturday, February 1, 2014

diary February 1, 2014

It has been quite a while (as in years) since I've even thought about blogging. I keep up with the blogs I follow but I just stopped keeping up with mine. 

I recently started following a few new to me bloggers and I see that they write a 'diary entry'. Just something quick and easy. And I really like reading those posts. And it has put me in the mood to start writing those kinds of blog posts. They are more relaxed and less formal blog posts. 

And I'm about being relaxed and less formal. 

So with the beginning of the month of February I will start my diary entries. It probably won't be every day but I'll definetly try and post once a week. 

And since I've discovered the blogger app, I will more than likely be doing this from my iPhone or iPad. So no fancy stuff here. 

I plan on just writing about the things I like, hauls, and empties. Since those are the kinds of blog posts I like to read. And maybe a monthly favorites thrown in too. 

I've even started keeping my empties!!

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